1 08, 2015

Why does Google want to define borders for the RTBF?

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The Mountain View firm, that has clearly defined its universal position from its very beginning, with its international products such as Gmail, Gmaps and many others, has rejected the French data protection authority’s demand concerning the application of the right on all versions of its search engine.

15 07, 2013

Cuándo publicar en Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ y Pinterest [Infografía por @LoriRTaylor]

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Saber cuándo publicar es el principio de una hermosa amistad entre tus seguidores, followers, likers, amigos, contactos y cotillas en tus redes sociales. Social Caffeine se lo ha currado y nos regala una curiosa infografía para conocer las mejores horas para hacerlo.